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About the Artist

Arturo Torres was born in the City of San Luis Potosi in Central Mexico. After studying at the Universidad de San Luis Potosi, Arturo received his baccalaureate degree in Agricultural Engineering and began working for the Mexican government and other private institutions. In 1988, he immigrated to the United States, making Seattle his second home.

Arturo's increasing interest in photography and his fascination with architecture inspired him to travel more extensively in his own country, Europe, and Latin America. In an effort to reflect his multi-cultural background, the colors Arturo seeks in his photos are vibrant and full of contrast. His artistic focus is mainly doorways and windows, which speak to him of the lives beyond them. Arturo's photography reflects his keen and artistic eye of the seemingly ordinary.

Arturo has received many awards for his outstanding work including "Best of Show" at the Shoreline Arts Center, "Best of Show in Fine Arts" at the Mount Vernon Tulip Festival (2014 and 2017), and "People's Choice Award" at the Festa Italiana in Seattle.

You can find Arturo at many art shows, festivals, and art galleries throughout the region.